Keep growing and deepening the connection with yourself. Invest in the relationship you have with yourself. That is the key message of EFT therapists Christine Weiß and Anne Belgram-Perkins during their workshop at the World Summit.

Life is all about growth, says Christine Weiß. “I keep growing, my inner world keeps growing. My clients challenge me to grow. We become more resilient when we do. It’s all about attachment, about connection. And you can be securely attached to others and also to yourself.” The more securely you are attached to your relationships, the more you can love and accept yourself—and the more you love and accept yourself, the more you can create and foster secure relationships with others.



We become therapists for a reason. “We’ve often learned to tune into other people’s needs during our childhood. But it can also make us vulnerable to burnout.” We all have difficult moments in our lives. “But the more accepting, relating, knowing, and loving we are with ourselves, the more our nervous system can relax. And the more resilient and fulfilled we feel.”

The workshop also focuses on the joy of personal growth and finding inner resources. It’s all about fostering a secure relationship with oneself. During this experiential workshop, Christine and Anne will lead an EFIT exercise and a visualization to connect with our embodied selves. “You’ll be in this workshop with people who share the same intention. Together, we will create a safe space.”


Slow down

Growing your connection with yourself is crucial for anyone working with clients. How can we practice this independently? “Take your body’s signals seriously. Our body is our source of wisdom. When triggered, we enter fight, flight, or freeze mode. This is a sign to slow down. Feeling depleted or numb is another sign. Slow down, take it seriously, and seek support and soothing from your safe people – we are bonding mammals!”

Christine advises to approach painful areas but not without resources. Share experiences with a partner, colleague, or friend to receive support and soothing when needed. “It’s incredible how much safety we gain from such experiences. Embrace your vulnerable, hidden parts, and integrate them. Let them melt within you. You’ll feel more connected with yourself and with others.”