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The EFT World Summit 2024 in Haarlem promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. But that’s not all – there’s much more to see and do. Who are the other speakers, what insights can you expect to gain from them and what else can you expect?

Should you treat a couple when violence is involved? And how can you ensure the violence stops? On the occasion of their latest book publication, Flemish EFT trainers Lieven Migerode and Jef Slootmaeckers are conducting a workshop at the EFT World Summit on managing violence in relationships.

“For a long time, the dominant model was that violence in relationships stemmed from a desire for power, particularly over women. That’s an interesting view, but it doesn’t prove very helpful in practice,” says Lieven Migerode, a certified EFT therapist in Leuven with 40 years of experience working with couples. Meanwhile, research has shown that both men and women exhibit aggression in relationships, and violence is equally common in same-sex couples.

Dr. Zoya Simakhodskaya, an EFT trainer, runs her practice in Chelsea, New York. At the EFT World Summit, she will share her experiences in working with a couple dealing with sexual trauma. Negative sexual experiences profoundly affect our self-perception and our perception of others, explains Dr. Zoya Simakhodskaya.

Mónica Díaz Cayeros, an EFT supervisor in Mexico, specialized in narrative and EMDR therapy before discovering that her own daughter was on the autism spectrum. This revelation prompted her to delve deeper into understanding neurodivergent individuals in relationships.

Despite her background in psychology, Mónica was initially surprised when her 19-year-old daughter revealed her suspicions about being on the spectrum. Monica’s daughter had discovered YouTube videos about autism and recognized herself in them. Subsequent testing confirmed her neurodivergence.

Keep growing and deepening the connection with yourself. Invest in the relationship you have with yourself. That is the key message of EFT therapists Christine Weiß and Anne Belgram-Perkins during their workshop at the World Summit.

LGBTQ+ EFTers Get Together


On Monday June 3rd there will be a lunchtime meeting for those identifiying as LGBTQ+ to get together and network. EFT trainers Robert Allan and Sandra Taylor look forward to meeting you there. This lunch meeting will take place in the room called ‘PHIL Café’ and there will be lunch for all participants in this room.

The Dutch psychologist and EFT therapist Peter Verboom, along with palliative physician Christiaan Rhodius, are giving a one-and-a-half-hour workshop on attachment and death at the World Summit. The session will focus on what Rhodius calls the “palliative paradox”: that it helps to hold on to each other when you have to let go.

How do you approach couples where one partner has attention deficit disorder? Alexine Thompson-de Benoit, ICEEFT certified EFT trainer from Switzerland, and Ben Kneubühler, an ADHD specialist and EFT therapist, will lead a workshop titled “Hope for ADHD-Impacted Relationships.”

Certified EFT therapist Jila Behnad from California is leading a workshop titled “Can You See Me?” This workshop focuses on cultural humility through an attachment lens.

Cultural competency encompassed three main topics: awareness of one’s own culture and biases, knowledge of other cultures, and skills to work with different cultures. However, Jila concluded that this was not sufficient.

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