Breakout sessions

During the whole Summit there will be several breakout sessions. Please let us know, during your registration, which one you will likely attend.

Monday June 3rd – breakout sessions


  • EFFT parent group training for eating disorders
    Monique Geerts (family therapist), Lucas Korthals Altes (child psychiatrist and family therapist), Mieke Groot-Bruins (mental health psychologist)


  • Working with Neurodiversity in EFT
    Hamed Fatahian (LMFT Advanced EFT Therapist)
  • Panel Discussion Introducing Stepping into EFT (2nd ed) and Workouts for Stepping into EFT
    Lorrie Brubacher (EFT Trainer, author of Stepping into Emotionally Focused couple therapy), Ali Barbosa (EFT Trainer), Dimitrij Samoilow (EFT Trainer), Caroline Gasparetto (EFT Supervisor), Christiaan Rhodius (palliative physician).


  • Individual Hold Me Tight
    Emilia Malavassi (EFT Certified Theapist), Itziar Arana (EFT Certified Supervisor and therapist)
  • EFiT in Group Therapy
    Andrea Pagani (EFT Trainer and Supervisor)

Self of therapist

  • Do therapists change personally while learning Emotionally Focused Therapy?
    Szabolcs Török (Certified EFT therapist, EFT supervisor-in-training) and Zsuzsa Somsák (Advanced training in EFT)
  • Using Relentless Empathy with Difficult Clients to Shape Secure Therapeutic Alliances
    Anabelle Bugatti (Certified EFT Supervisor/Therapist) and Scott Woolley (Certified EFT Trainer, Supervisor and Therapist)

EFT and Illness

  • Healing Hearts Together: A Relationship Education Program for Couples Facing Heart Disease
    Paul Samuel Greenman (EFT Therapist, Supervisor, and Trainer)
  • EFT with Cancer Patients; EFT Therapist Perspectives
    Kore Brown (AMFT)


  • “In EFT, I found my Own Healing…” Transformational Experiences of Ugandan Practitioners in Learning EFT
    Ronald Asiimwe (PhD., trained in EFT) and Elmien Lesch (PhD. Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology. Certified EFT trainer and Supervisor)
  • Tango 2.5: Bringing Identity and Culture to the Heart of EFT
    Elana Katz (EFT Trainer) 

Various themes

  • The might of metaphors
    Daniel Hafner (experienced couples therapist) 
  • Using the Cycle Creatively: Connecting the dots between functionality and romance
    Diana Eidelman (EFT Certified Couples Therapist)

Tuesday June 4th – breakout sessions


  • Do I belong? – A hopeful perspective on shame
    Jef Slootmaeckers (EFT Trainer)
    Ali Barbosa (EFT Trainer) and Heike McCahon (EFT Trainer)


  • Reconstructing intimacy when painful sex occurs in a relationship: a male support group perspective: understood through the lens of EFT
    Ronnie Burke (social worker, sex therapist, individual and couples therapist) and Nomi Pitch (art, sex, marriage and family therapist)
  • Relationships in transition: Resilience and change during stressful times
    Esther Kluwer (professor by special appointment, supported by EFT Netherlands)


  • A transdiagnostic and emotion-focused perspective on family therapy; a meeting between science and practice
    Lenny Rodenburg (clinical psychologist, systemic therapist, trainer, supervisor and therapist NVRG and certified EFT therapist) and Henk Jan Conradi (ast. professor, EFT therapist and VGCt cognitive behavioral therapist)
  • Playing around Pain: Finding Hope in Families of Hurting Children
    Kathryn de Bruin (EFT Trainer) and Jim Furrow (EFT Trainer)

Self of therapist

  • Discovering spirituality in EFT
    Petra Deij (Certified EFT supervisor) and April Holten (Certified EFT therapist)
  • Reflective Group Supervision: expanding therapist’s reflective capacities and use of self
    Christine Reynolds, (LCSW)


  • Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshops – Best Practices Based on 15 Years of Experience Giving Them
    Diana Weiss-Wisdom (Certified EFT Therapist)
  • Exploring the Impact of A Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples Where one Partner has a Cancer Diagnosis
    Suzie Trepanier (EFT trained therapist)


  • Double trauma in bi-cultural couple therapy
    Nanna Hauch (EFT trained couple and family therapist)
  • Earning Secure Attachment in Adulthood: Pathways to Security for Adults, Men, and People of the Global Majority
    Rachael A. Dansby Olufowote (EFT therapist)

Various themes

  • Psychedelic-Assisted Emotionally Focused Therapy
    David Avruch (Certified EFT Therapist)
  • Utilizing Ketamine Assisted Therapy to enhance and deepen Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
    BethJaeger-Skigen (Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor)

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